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Skynet Labs develops secure real-time Oil & Gas analysis and optimization software. Our software products optimize big data flow in upstream Oil & Gas companies. We are revolutionising how the oil and gas industry manages field data, internal communication and workflow through our secure E&P SaaS framework
Our Oil & Gas enterprise solutions are built for drilling engineer professionals and mission critical E&P operations personnel. Currently our drill well-site calculation tools are used by over 7000 engineers in the field by some of the world's largest oil services companies and operators.

Our Products

Digital oilfield data management solutions for well-site operatives, drilling engineers, rig supervisors, operations managers and production technologists.

Discover Cirrus real-time cloud analytics dashboard for data insight & intelligence.

Explore our mobile utility applications for drilling unit conversions and drilling formula sheet calculations.

Oil & Gas Software


    Drilling Formula Sheet

    The definitive free drilling formula sheet app for calculating and recording standardised drilling formulas used routinely by drillers in the Exploration & Production sector.


    Drilling Unit Converter

    Calculate Unit Conversions on-the-fly. Save & Record Drilling Data Anywhere, Any device, Any time



In a changing industry where the Digital Oilfield is rapidly evolving, Skynet Labs is uniquely positioned to deliver bespoke technology solutions for Oil & Gas enterprises. Collaborate with established industry professionals to deploy software systems that leverage higher returns on your asset base and reduce operational non productive time.

    Systems Architecture

    Server frameworks power systems deployment. We invest in leading technology software applications and experienced accredited technologists to blueprint our development planning, process and production. Our professional team build server and client side programs intelligently to the highest computer engineering standard.

    Data Visualization

    Transform big data records into easy-to-understand reports. We have hands-on experience with data processing and report formatting. Our software translates digits and statistics into a universal visual language. We create dynamic live systems that handle huge log entry volume but displays it effortlessly with an instructive roadmap that directs business decisions in an informed, timely fashion. Consolidate and simplify your reporting process with data visualization from Skynet Labs.


    Interface Design

    Our reputation for exceptional creative design is an approval rating that we take great pride in and nurture with every new commission. We reward the trust and loyalty of our clients with a design experience that brings brands to life and communicates the user journey as a captivating story. From concept to publication, our creative approach is based on listening. Our designs represent the vibrancy, depth and diversity of all sounds and signals in the brief space.

    Mobile Applications

    Our dedicated native app developers code in iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Our mobile programming division produce applications for web, social and native platforms. We embrace new technologies and agile development practices to deliver fast, fluid, responsive applications on all devices, tablet and smartphone. As the mobile workforce increasingly operates remotely, we can equip your company with web, social and mobile utility tools for better workflow, collaboration and communication.

Latest News Articles

  • 10 Oct

    Newsletter 19

    The team has been aggressively developing and releasing major upgrades to our two mobile products and to the backend server. We have seen no less than a 500% increase in active users in the period August to September since we completed both of the above tasks.

  • 22 Aug

    Newsletter 18

    We are at industry tipping point. Mobile hardware, cloud technology & internet connectivity is transforming process workflow in upstream exploration and production for Oil & Gas.

  • 08 Aug

    Newsletter 17

    As we gear up for another round of venture capital finance, we are acutely conscious not to lose sight of the one metric that really matters; customers.

  • 25 Jul

    Newsletter 16

    We prize the initiative and dedication that everyone is putting in, and it's paying off. There's been very exciting developments on the commercialisation of our products and cloud technology solution

I really like the D.U.C application. I think it is useful... a tool for us all in the drilling industry.
Akeel H Altee
Senior Drilling Engineer
Baker Hughs Iraq